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This list of photography articles has something for everyone who has a passion for digital photography. Whether you want to find inspiration, learn a new technique, or genre of photography. We have broken the articles down into different categories to make them easier to explore and understand. You can search by your level such as advanced, intermediate, or beginner. Also, you can type a term to find exactly what you are looking for such as lenses, lighting, photography tips, or books.

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best photography jobs that pay high.
Krystal Kenney<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

17 Highest Paying Photography Jobs

Photographers have a fascinating life: they travel a lot, meet new people, and gain unique experiences every day. This profession implies taking pictures of gorgeous

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person holding an ND filter.
Daniel Wright<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

What is a Neutral Density Filter?

What is a neutral density, how it is used by photographers, construction of a quality filter, and choosing the right ND filter for the light conditions.

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dslr camera exposure settings.
domien Van Eynde<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

What is Exposure in Photography?

In photography, your exposure determines what gets recorded on your camera’s image sensor. The science behind exposure in photography is called Sensitometry. Getting the right

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Taya Iv<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

26 Top Photography Trends in 2023

Companies are always looking for photographers who can produce images that reflect top photography trends. No matter what kind of photography you specialise in, it’s

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finding a connection between photography and mental health.
Photo Tips
Stuart Hendricks<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

7 Mental Health Benefits of Photography

There are countless ways to unwind and de-stress nowadays, with hobbyist gamers, musicians, and chefs all using different extracurricular activities to unplug and unwind from

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Taya Iv<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

32 Best Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time for festive Christmas photoshoots. If you’re reading this article, you probably love this time of

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What is ISO
Derek Watterson<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

What is ISO?

The acronym ISO refers to International Standards Organization. This gives us absolutely no clues as to how it is relevant in photography. The ISO setting

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circle of confusion
domien Van Eynde<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

Circle of Confusion

Depth of Field and the Circle of Confusion In one of my previous articles on this website, I have delved into the concept of depth of

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Taya Iv<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

How to Take Self-Portraits: A Budget-Friendly Guide

Self-portraits are immensely popular in various genres. Many painters, including Frida Kahlo and Rembrandt, reclaimed their identities through their self-portraits. Anyone can take expressive and eye-catching self-portraits. You

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