Composition Photography Course

Composition Photography Course

Photography is an art form. Learn good composition and create well-balanced shots that use leading lines, focal points, separation and placement to convey feeling and emotion. Apply basic color theory using texture and tone to enhance your images.

circle of confusion

Circle of Confusion

Depth of Field and the Circle of Confusion In one of my previous articles on this website, I have delved into the concept of depth of

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Premium Composition Photography Classes

Online video photography classes are a convenient and economical way to learn and improve your photography skills. PhotographyCourse has partnered with top online learning providers to offer you affordable classes from international master professional photographers. Learning framing, the Rule of Thirds and beyond, creating balance, how to work with your subject, utilizing contrast, and leading lines industry leading photography instructors. is also a participant in the Udemy, Craftsy, SkillShare, CreativeLive, and LinkedIn Learning affiliate programs. These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for our site to earn fees by linking to these sites.
Learn the art of photography composition and how to take amazing pictures with your smartphones and DSLR cameras.
Learn how to create beautiful compositions of the world around us. Take your photography to the next level.
Unhappy with your photos? Struggling with camera settings? Confused with technical jargon? Learn the fun stuff first.
Successful wedding photographers know how to think fast to capture beautiful shots that reflect the emotion of the day. Learn exactly how to overcome tired techniques and stay fresh and creative.
This class will cover understanding how to fill the frame and the basic rule of thirds, how to work with your subject to direct your composition, and options to try when troubleshooting your framing.
You know the basics of composition – now take it to the next level. Good composition is more than following a strict set of rules and guidelines, it’s about creating balance in an image.
Join professional photographer Ben Long as your discover the theories and concepts behind what makes a great composition. Once you master the basics of composition in his first video lessons, you will move into more advanced techniques that most photographers never learn to make their compositions come to life.
This course is for beginners who want to lay the foundations for creating amazing compositions. Learn how to balance your images, light, geometry. The best part, each lesson ends with challenges and real life examples that you can practise on after every video.
If you want to better your compositions at hyper speeds take this 5 day photo challenge. Learn different techniques each day that you can apply to your work the same day! Master leading lines, framing, black and white, and how to compose the perfect image that will have your viewers glued to your compositions.
These 50 course video lesson teaches students how to master every part of composition including storytelling. Each lesson will teach you how to tell a better story with your images as well as practical techniques you can apply to your photography work daily.
Step inside the world composition for street photography! There are 5 advanced techniques that every photographer should master to better their compositions but especially their street photography. Learn how to recognize an image, predict the future, and refine your techniques.

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